2 thoughts on “Physical appearance and prepositions of place

  1. Hello, my name´s Paqui.This is my second year in the school(eoi),I´m from El Gastor but I was born in Ronda and now I live in Marbella.I´m married and I have one daugther and one son.My daugther is Carla, she´s 6 year old and my son is Marcos he´s 4 year old.They are in the school and in my free time I study English.I´m a housewife and my hobies are hear music,go to the beach,go shopping,read books and go away for the weekend with my children and my husband.I hope this year learn very much.

    see you on thursday.

    • Hello Paqui!

      Thank you for your reply. The information is really good, but remember to write year with an -s at the end (4 years old and 6 years old) and hobbies has double “b”. (hobbies). We listen to music and not hear. One more thing, you posted the reply in the post called “The body”. Can you please post it again but in the first post called Nice to meet you. ? thank you very much and welcome!

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