As you know, you need to read Circle Games this term and do some activities about the book. Here is the information

For the first 2 stories, Quick Man Tan y The Wheel on the wall, you need to choose one of the 2 stories and imagine you are journalists so you have to write an article for you newspaper about what happened in each story. (Explain when, where, who, what and how / why). Since it’s something that happened in the past, you will need to use the verbs in the past.

To make it even more real, you can use these templates.

Remember that you only need to write one article for ONE story!

For the 3rd story, Special Clay, you will listen to a summary of the story with some mistakes. On a piece of paper, you will need to copy first the summary with errors and then write the summary corrected (a version without mistakes). To listen to the summary please click here.

For the fourth story, The Trishaw man, you need to imagine you are Gregory Lim and write a letter to your best friend explaining what happened with your father and the movie star. You will need to explain how you feel now that you father is in the newspaper. The letter needs to be about 100 words long. Download Letter The Trishaw man.

For the last story, Beautiful thing, you will need to write a word from the story and explain its meaning giving an example. You need to write this in Padlet. Simply click twice on the board and start writing.

That’s all, let’s get to work!

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