1 thought on “ANNOYING HABITS!!!

  1. PAUL.- He doesn´t like food cracking and also kicks the back of the seat
    JIM– He doesn´t like to hear people chew food.
    Sara — doesn´t like to open the bags in the middle of the movie
    Warren — doesn´t like to throw people food
    Lindsay– doesn´t like it when they bring their kids big or small because they start crying
    Dani – doesn´t like when they get talking in the movie, but everything when they kick the seat

    Ruth doesn´t like it when he goes on the bus and people have the music of his mp3 very high. She doesn´t like people talking too much on the phone near her because she does not like to hear the gossip

    I don´t like it when I go on the bus that people push me to get that person.
    I don´t like it when they chew with their mouths open
    I don´t like being told ugly words.

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