Past simple

We are practicing the past simple in this lesson. It’s important to know which verbs are regular and which ones irregular in the past (go-went, come-came). Here is a list of the most common regular verbs in English:

Here you are some questions for you to practice the past simple:



  • Play this game
  • Crossword
  • Do you know your Irregular verbs?
  • Practice your irregular verbs with these series (the activity is in French, but just click on Serie 1/2/3… and clik on 1st letter of the verb to see an example)
  • Dictionary wheel game 



Great explanation with examples of the pronunciation of final -ed.

Pronunciation of final -ed is really important. Do this activity (don’t worry, it’s in French, you only have to type your name in the box) and put the parachutes in the correct sound.

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